CSJ Natural Fat2Fin – 12.5kg

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New CP Fat2Fin has been developed especially for overweight or greedy dogs, as well as dogs who love their food and put on weight a bit too easily. Rich in white fish and rice, this tasty low calorie recipe can be used as part of an effective weight loss plan so your dog is satisfied, but isn’t piling on the pounds.

Suggested Daily Feeding Guide:
The following should serve as a rough guide so please adjust the quantities fed according to your working dog’s individual requirements.

Dog’s Ideal Weight Weight Loss (grams per day) Maintenance (grams per day)
2-10kg 50-170g 60-195g
10-20kg 170-280g 195-325g
20-30kg 280-380g 325-440g
30+kg 390g+ 450g+

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Weight 12.5 kg