Maintenance Notice: Between 20:00 on 29th May and 06:00 on 30th May, Dizzy’s main website will be taken offline for maintenance. During this time, both the website and store will be inaccessible. You can however still contact us by phone and e-mail during this time.

Please note: We can only deliver to CT postcodes, TN24, TN25 and TN27 and ME13. If you have any questions or queries about as to whether we can deliver to you, please get in touch before placing your order.

Paleo Ridge have just applied a substantial price increase to all their products, due to increased meat costs and the fact that they have held prices at the same level for over 2 years, absorbing cost increases during that time. I am sorry to have to advise you of this but I have no control over Paleo prices, as they are set centrally and apply to all retailers and suppliers. The new prices have now been updated on the website.

If you currently use Paleo and would be interested in trying an alternative then please contact me.

Charles Maxted

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